Saturday, November 18, 2017

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

when?...........24.11.2017., Friday
where?..........Prostor, Čakovec
who?.............NULLA OSTA hc punk d-beat, Pu
                     PASMATERS hc punk, Pu
                     U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg
entrance?......25 kn

Friday, November 17, 2017

SODN'DAN live @ Krawal fest 2000 - video

uf, this one is dangerous as hell.. Sodndan were crust/hc punk band from Železniki, Slovenia with anarcho colored lyrics.. probably most known from their split tape with Aktivna Propaganda and split LP with Bolesno Grinje..

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

upcoming gig in Varaždin, Croatia

when?...............17.11.2017., Friday
where?..............Elephant, Varaždin
who?.................SKINPIN punk rock, Aus
                          FAJRUNT punk rock, Cro

Sunday, November 12, 2017

SKINPIN / NUCLEAR ALTAR / ZAMAK live @ Tom Klub, Požega 10.11.2017. - video

one more interesting gig on which I intended to go but plans have failed this time.. I heard it was good concert and it's a shame I missed it but soon there will be chance to make things right, crew from Pž are preparing another one similar gig in December, more info about that one will be posted here in next few weeks..
until then, here are some videos from last Friday's gig, every band represented with one song so check it out.. vids are stolen from this channel..


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DISTORT ZAGREB festival 18.11. & 21.11.2017.

"Prije dvije godine popriličan nas je broj bendova na turneji zasipao s upitima za koncert u Zagrebu, a kako smo na sve ekspresno odgovorili MOŽE!, pojavila se ideja za organizaciju prvog Distort Zagreb festa.

Kao što i sami pretpostavljate, fest nije zamišljen kao događaj koji se obavezno mora održavati svake godine, više je produkt spleta okolnosti koji recimo nismo imali prošle godine, no zato imamo ove! Ovoga puta koncept je nešto drugačiji jer se gigovi održavaju na različitim lokacijama i s ubačenom dvodnevnom rupom koja većini vas neće zasmetati jer nedjelja je ionako skrojena za čamu i lijeno kotrljanje po domaćinstvu, a ponedjeljak je dan koji treba izbrisati.

Kroz fest će promarširati dva američka, jedan srpski i pet lokalnih bendova, s tim da je subota u Klaonici orijentirana više na hardcore punk, a utorak u Attack!-u na garažnu punk rock stranu."

                                                                                                                         Doomtown Records

when?...........18.11.2017, Saturday
where?..........Klaonica, Zagreb
who?.............EXIT ORDER hc punk, USA
                     RULES hc punk, Zg
                     NAILED IN hc punk, Zg
                     ABSURD hc punk, Ser
                     INDIKATOR B hc punk, Zg
entrance?......30 kn

when?........21.11.2017., Tuesday
where?.......Attack, Zagreb
who?..........L. & T.D. garage punk rock, USA
                  THE CELTOIDS garage punk, Zg
                  EKE BUBA speed punk, Zg
entrance?...30 kn

PESTARZT euro tour November 2017.

15.11. Graz/Au/ - SUB
16.11. Brno/Cz/ -Bajkazyl
17.11. Berlin/De/ - Kopi
18.11. Potsdam/De/ - Archyv
19.11. day off
20.11. Oslo/N/ - Blitz
21.11. Gothenburg/Swe/ - TBA
22.11. Stockholm/Swe/ - Kaos Kllub
23.11. Copenhagen/Den/ - Ungdomshuset
24.11. Hamburg/De/ - Lobusch
25.11. Gissen/De/ - Ak44
26.11. Prague/Cz/ - Fatal
27.11. Nuremberg/De/ - Bella Lugosi
28.11. Veszprem/Hu/ - Szigony

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

NULLA OSTA / STAINED HAND / MIDNIGHT CLIMAX / DROTPAD 03.11.2017., Stara škola, Novi Marof

another one gig in Marof for which I was really, really looking forward to because of many reasons.. 1st of all I couldn't wait for proving myself that last time's low attendance was only because the gig was in the middle of the week and that some punk spirit isn't still dead in Marof, then when I just remember how it was a bloody hell of a gig and after party last time when Nulla Osta played in Marof, back then in 2008, almost 10 years ago, that was one of the best parties in my life, that's for sure.. unfortunately I knew that this time won't be that wild 'cause I was working the other day in the morning, but I'm already fine with that..
this time I was going alone and when I arrived there were already a lot of familiar faces which was the fact that brings smile all over my face, it was even hard to greet everyone I know and which I didn't see for a while..
shortly after 21:00 gig started and in charge to open it this time were a young punk band from Zagreb named Drotpad.. well, I don' like this style of punk and they were kinda boring to me and even I got the feel that I wasn't the only one feeling like this.. also think that they played a little too long, or maybe it just seemed to me because in one moment their bass player was having some troubles, broken string or something so she was waiting for someone to lend her bass guitar and that took a while.. I mean Jan from Agathocles was playing bass with only two strings back then and it was a way more complicated music, hehe..
anyhow, after they finished stage was taken by another one young hc punk band from Zagreb, Midnight Climax which are very active lately, if  I can notice, as with live shows (in last year, since they exist, they played in almost every city in Croatia where punk gigs actually happens) they are also preparing new material which should be out soon.. fast hc punk with short songs, on some with dual vocals, they played few covers and one of them was, If I get it well by Negative Approach and yes, you can easily say they are influenced with american hc punk from 80's/90's.. on the first sight they have everything what's needed to be a great hc punk band but for my fucked up and selective music taste there's just something missing and I watched their show somehow indifferent.. but they sure were better then Drotpad..
after short pause, Stained Hand from Karlovac.. this was already their second visit to Marof, they played benefit for BASK also, some 8 months ago.. well, it was nice opportunity to see them sober because last time I was drunk like hell.. but my 1st impression on them stayed unchanged, they are good band, but I don't like those slow parts and breakdowns.. except that really nice hc punk crust on trails toward powerviolence, they sure got potential..
and for the end, after some longer tuning and preparations, dinosaurs from Pula reinforced with young power on the drums.. at the beginning they reminded us on the last time when they were playing here and asking who of the crowd was on that gig, so obviously Marof remained in good memory to them also.. 1st song sounded kinda strange like weird acoustic version of Nulla Osta but after that things  come to their place and they provided us with dangerously good hc punk crust with two distorted basses (I'm really into those bass only bands lately, hehe), fast, uncompromising and straight to your head.. they played a lot of their older hits like Posljednji evolucijski krug, Ne vjeruj, to me maybe favorite by them Na krilima slobode, but also few fresher from latest album "Kad utihnu psi...".. pleasantly filled Stara škola was enjoining one more great show by Nulla Osta.. my full support always goes to young bands but once again veterans was demonstrating how it should be done..
in the end I'm happy and glad that gig in Marof once again looked like we are all used to, good and friendly bands, good fun and most important a lot of people (as L told me there was 60 tickets sold, all together with bands around 80 people) from all over - Zagreb, Karlovac, Rijeka, Varaždin, Čakovec, Ormož and so on.. I really like and miss such intercity gigs which were so usual and normal before, I mean that's how it should be, that's everything..
even if this report ends up somehow boring and short, well I was there only few hours during the show itself, immediately after the gig I was on my way to home to catch some sleep and to be in at least little normal state next morning at the work, but it was really good concert and I hear that later it was cheerful and interesting after party, considering on who all were there I didn't even doubt it..
until the next time, cheers and stay well!..

Monday, November 6, 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?............12.11.2017., Sunday
where?...........Mochvara, Zagreb
who?..............WILD MOHICANS hc punk, Usa
                      MIDNIGHT CLIMAX hc punk, Zg
                      U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg/Čk
                      CC hc punk, Zg
entrance?.......30 kn

14th ANTIFA FESTIVAL 10.-11.11.2017. Monteparadiso, Pula

"Četrnaestu godinu za redom drugi vikend u 11. mjesecu rezerviran je za pulski Antifa Fest. S programom počinjemo u petak 10.11.2016., a nastavljamo u subotu 11.11.2016. Spremili smo tri predavanja i dvije projekcije filma. Večernje programe završavamo koncertima, a ove godine nastupa ukupno 7 bendova - tri u petak i četiri u subotu.

Predavanja i projekcije filmova održat će se u Monteparadiso Hacklabu (DC Rojc, prizemlje desno), dok ćemo se po završetku programa u Hacklabu spustiti točno kat ispod, u Monteparadiso klub, gdje će se održati koncertni dio programa. Ulaz na program u Hacklabu je besplatan."

Petak, 10.11.2017.

18:00 A.L.F. Behind The Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals, dokumentarni film, 70 min

Dokumentarac koji iskreno i promišljeno otkriva ljude koji stoje iza pokreta za oslobađanje životinja (Animal Liberation Front). Ovaj pokret bori se za prava životinja, a pojedinci unutar njega voljni su i prekršiti zakone kako bi postigli svoj cilj. Zapanjujuće snimke aktivista ALF-a u akciji zajedno s njihovim objašnjenjima daju nam uvid u kompleksnu sliku grupe koja je spremna riskirati sve za dobrobit životinja.

20:00 "ALT-RIGHT, novi fenomen ili novo američko pakiranje prokušane europske prakse?", diskusija, Edgar Buršić

U Hrvatskoj je u zadnjih desetak godina došlo do svojevrsne “amerikanizacije” društvenog, ekonomskog, političkog i kulturnog prostora. Djelomično preko desnih kršćanskih udruga i inicijativa, djelomično preko internetske propagande i aktivizma sloboidnotržišnih opcija. Do sada u okolici nije falila klasična radikalna desnica, a od sada izgleda neće faliti ni “Alternativna desnica”, odnosno, sve ono što ide pod američkom novotarijom zvanom ALT-RIGHT. No je li stvarno novost tzv. ALT-RIGHT, je li stvarno samo američka priča? Čini se da nije, neke su prakse u Europi (Italija, Francuska, Španjolska) poznate i više desetljeća, razlika je u tome što su dolaskom na vlast Donalda Trumpa takvi fenomeni dobili novi moment, a internet omogućava prelijevanje priče u druge dijelove svijeta neovisno o lokalnom kontekstu.
U sklopu diskusije biti će prikazan i kratki dokumentarac o ALT-RIGHT-u.

22:00 Koncert - D.J. & The Wootchyak , Gužva u Bajt, TBA

D.J. & the Wootchyak (Pula)
Melodic hardcore punk

Gužva u Bajt (Slovenija)


Subota, 11.11.2017.

18:00 The Antifascists, dokumentarni film, Grčka/Švedska, 75 min

Već se neko vrijeme na ulicama diljem Europe vodi rat niskog intenziteta, a vodi se oko fašizma. Ovaj nas dokumentarac vodi iza maski militantnih grupa pod nazivom antifašista. 2013. godine grupa naoružanih nacista napada miran prosvjed u Stockholmu na kojem je nekoliko ljudi ozlijeđeno. U Grčkoj, neonacistička stranka Zlatna zora postaje treća najveća stranka po rezultatima na izborima, u Malmöu aktivist Showan Shattak završava u komi nakon što su on i njegovi prijatelji napadnuti noževima od strane nacista. U ovom prikazu antifašista u Grčkoj i Švedskoj upoznajemo ključne osobe koje objašnjavaju svoj stav o svojoj radikalnoj politici istovremeno preispitujući razinu vlastite nasilnosti i militantnosti.
Film se premijerno prikazuje u Hrvatskoj.

20:00 Okrugli stol - predstavljanje - SAWA Zupanja - razgovor s organizatorima hardcore punk festivala SAWA - predstavljanje festivala i kolektiva
Siniša Lastavica - Sinki i Antun Debak

21:00 Kapitalizam i kriza u Hrvatskoj, predavanje, Bojan Tomić

U kratkom predavanju/diskusiji iznijet će neke statističke pokazatelje koji se tiču kapitalizma u Hrvatskoj, pokušat će definirati uzroke i posljedice loše ekonomske situacije u kojoj se nalazi Hrvatska kao i neke od modela rješavanja ekonomskih problema koji su u suprotnosti sa neoliberalnim dogmama o privatizaciji i liberalizaciji tržišta. Uz to bit će govora i o modelima političkog organiziranja koji se mogu potencijalno suprotstaviti negativnim tendencijama unutar kapitalizma.

Bojan Tomić - diplomirani inženjer elektrotehnike, gitarist i vokal u hardcore punk bendu Kriva Istina. Područja interesa su mu politička ekonomija kapitalizma, ekonomska demokracija te razni oblici lijevog političkog aktivizma.

22:00 Koncert - Kriva Istina, Skinpin, Disbaja, EkeBuba

Kriva Istina (Zagreb)
Melodic hardcore punk

Skinpin (Australija)

Disbaja (Zagreb)
d-beat/hardcore punk

EkeBuba (Zagreb)
Speed punk

Sunday, November 5, 2017

upcoming gig in Požega, Croatia

when?..........10.11.2017., Friday
where?.........Tom klub, Požega
who?............SKINPIN melodic punk, Aus
                     NUCLEAR ALTAR crust metal, Cro
                     ZAMAK metal punk, Cro

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?...........10.11.2017., Friday
where?..........Podrum, Rijeka
who?.............KRIVA ISTINA melodic hc pun, Zg
                     EKE BUBA speed punk, Zg
entrance?.......25 kn

Thursday, November 2, 2017

upcoming gig in Veliki Otok, Slovenia

well tomorrow is benefit gig for this place, for fixing or replacing the roof if I got this well.. but hey, what a place, those guys do gigs in fckng container, I can't believe it..
it's in Veliki Otok, the place near Postojna and now is the 1st time I heard about it but it looks interesting and now I wanna go there.. check their fejsbuk profile for some interesting photos from previous events..

                                                 when?.............03.11.2017., Friday
                                                 where?............Kontejner, Veliki Otok
                                                 who?...............PAKT raw hc d-beat, Slo
                                                                         HUMAN HOST BODY crust metal d-beat, Slo

Friday, October 27, 2017

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

okay, here's another one, exactly a week from now.. it's on Friday so I hope there will be more people then the last time.. just check out this awesome poster, I heard it has been made like a collage (don't know if this is the right word on English) and I know how much effort was required in making it..
okay see you there, I'm working again next day in the morning and that just sucks but will be there anyway..
support your local scene!..

when?............03.11.2017., Friday
where?...........Stara škola, Novi Marof
who?..............NULLA OSTA hc punk, Pu
                      STAINED HAND pv hc, Ka
                      MIDNIGHT CLIMAX hc punk, Zg
                      DROTPAD punk, Zg
entrance?.......25 kn

Thursday, October 26, 2017

LA CASA FANTOM / RUINAS 21.10.2017., Podrum, Rijeka & LA CASA FANTOM / RUINAS / CC 22.10.2017., Klaonica, Zagreb

uf, I wasn't on some two day trip for ages, really can't remember when was the last time I was on some gigs two days in a row or on any festival, so when I first heard that La Casa Fantom will have gigs in Rijeka and Zagreb on their October tour and especially when I found out that gigs will be in Podrum and Klaonica, already legendary spaces and I still wasn't visiting them never before (actually Podrum maybe once but it was like 7 or so years ago when it was even smaller than it's now, I don't remember it well) also I become really obsessed with La Casa Fantom in last few months so it was nice opportunity because of all that and of course because of testing myself if I can still handle two days party, intoxication and everything what goes with it, hehe..
it's funny how things sometimes just sort it out by themselves, I mean, few months ago I accidentally found live video of La Casa Fantom who I used to listen even before, superficially although, but only now discovering all the power and beauty of this band, then I get their LP, few weeks ago I heard they will be on tour and at the end they play in two interesting places in Croatia - I couldn't miss that..
so there weren't any problems, the deal with L was easy, I succeed to get few free days at work and finally we were ready to hit the road, once again like in good old times..

- day 1: Rijeka 
this time L was driving so we meet in Marof somewhere about 16:00 and there were already some guy who was sharing the ride with us and he was bringing his cat with him, hmm interesting.. first we pick up some fresh from print posters for upcoming gig in Marof, just to spread the word about it in Ri and Zg, quick stop at gas station to buy gas and few beers and we were on our way to Rijeka.. atmosphere in car was kinda strange with constant, already little annoying meowing from the back seat, but luckily ride wasn't long, some speed records were made that day so we arrived in only two hours with only one quick stop..  we settled down in L brother's B apartment, have few more beers and sandwiches and we headed toward Podrum..
there was already a lot of people, we greeted few familiar faces, have some more beers at the bar and hang out outside,somehow usual and already standard pre-gig situation..
shortly after, the gig started and first band was Ruinas, interesting, something newer stenchcore act from faraway Argentina.. interesting was also the fact that both bands were playing on absolutely mighty and amazing La Casa Fantom's backline and equipment, because Podrum is actually as it's name says basement (podrum = basement O.E.) and it's pretty small, so with first touch of bass guitar string the walls was literally shaking and I had the feeling everything will collapse every second.. Ruinas treated us with about half an hour of standardly good stenchcore crust, in one moment they reminded me a lot on Last Legion Alive, very similar music and mighty female vocal, but the thing that is chronically missing in their music is speed or at least some faster parts here and there in songs, I mean I like to listen such bands but mostly at home during some cold snowy day and live this gets me bored sometimes.. but to be completely honest if they would have faster songs they sure wold be in my top 5 or so stenchcore bands..
after short pause and of course few more beers it's time for La Casa Fantom.. well, expectations from my side was huge and when they opened the show with "Timewaster/Decisionfaker" or was it "It Will Rain" (!??), I don't know, which is extra long song and to me personally little boring I was having some question marks above my head but already with 2nd song that was it.. amazing energy, unbelievably skilled drummer and bassist with wooden board on the floor, like 1.5 m long full of pedals with various effects and distortions, they both sing and have great vocals, all together for huge amount of noise but not any kind of noise but somehow perfectly arranged and beautiful.. also something slower set by them, they do have a way faster songs then this from this time's setlist, but that didn't bother me in their case 'cause they have something special anyhow, don't know what and can't explain it, you should just try it, hehe.. I think that I watch them on mute and just by seeing with what passion and intensity they play that wold be enough for me.. something more than half an hour by them, more like 45 mins, which actually passed really quickly but I wasn't sad 'cause I knew I will get another doze of them tomorrow.. later I found out that this was 8th time they were playing in Rijeka and that's awesome.. it seems they like the place and crew here..
and after the gig, well what was that.. L told me already before about after-parties in Podrum but I was pretty surprised.. after few old punk hits, they started with some old dance hits, than there was some also old rave songs from Prodigy to Darude and I don't know what, and interesting was how all the punks there, including me knows those hits, all dancing and singing, already drunk and stoned, naked guy dancing on the stage, well it was hell.. until the morning we drink like beasts, beers, gemišts (white vine+mineral water) with member of same named band Gemišt, then red wine with mineral water and similar strange drinks, when the bar left without beers we go on nearby gas station to buy some supplies, so it was very "interesting"..
like this wasn't enough, somewhere around 6 in the morning few of us made us little after-after-party in the park which lasted till 7:30 when we finally come to B's place and were going to have some sleep..

- day 2: Zagreb
we wake up around 15:00 next day, pretty much hungovered.. L was cooking some pasta and after we eat and after 1 or 2 hours of  ineffective and confused agreement of when we will go to Zagreb and where and how we will pick up V and R who were supposed to go with us we were ready to road up.. the whole day was heavily raining and it was a real challenge get to the car which was parked 20 m from the apartment.. we managed in that by getting almost completely wet and was thinking that the worst part is behind us, completely unaware of what is waiting us just around the corner..
it was raining so strong we could hardly see anything through windshield, streets were flooded, cars stopped in the middle of street, on some parts water was deep to almost half a door of a car, we didn't see where is the road and where sidewalk, everything was under the water.. after we picked up R and V and headed outside of Rijeka real show begins.. we couldn't pass the way we arrived in Rijeka but we must go all around, then we hit something, still don't know what, probably manhole cover, when we want to check the damage on car we wasn't able to get out of the car 'cause there was water over the ankle... in short total chaos, I've never seen anything like this.. luckily there wasn't any visible damage on the car so we were able to continue.. when we finally exit the town it was something easier but still fckd up because of heavy rain and wind combined with dark we were driving like 50km/h on the highway.. anyhow, congratulations to L who managed to drive out whole way on this conditions and bring us to Zagreb in one piece..
we arrived in Klaonica after 21:00.. on 1st impression really awesome place but totally fcked up entry into the complex, if I wold go there alone I wouldn't find the place until the morning..
when we buy tickets, CC were having sound check and shortly after they opened the gig..
they are new band but with already familiar crew and from what I saw on youtube I was sure they will not be by my taste.. but they totally surprised me.. really good fast and uncompromising hc punk, great female vocal, on some song dual vocals.. in short really pleasant surprise.. they were playing with new drummer (or he is just temporary replacement, I didn't get that part well..) and have only two or so rehearsals with him but I didn't noticed that they had any trouble with that..
then again Ruinas, or how would singer all silent and sweet said "vi ar ruhinas from arhentina" and then switch to the most bad ass vocal ever and they cause some serious thunder just like in Rijeka.. this time me and L were counting how many fast songs they have and we didn't count more than two.. how I said already before that's the only minus of this band..
after short pause La Casa Fantom are taking the stage, not only taking - conquering it!.. again same setlist like in Rijeka, I think.. slow and full of despair and depression intro with 10min long 1st song then absolute madness until the end.. there's no pause and silence between the songs, huge amount of feedback noise is always present and it plays with your nerves and eardrums.. I'm still not expert when it's about knowing their every song but I'm pretty sure that they played songs from latest album "Kill Me Clean" and maybe some newer.. I'm sorry 'cause they didn't play some older songs from Feed my Silence, Selection by Elimination or earlier releases, they have some seriously awesome songs there.. but I sincerely do hope that this isn't the last time I watched them live so there would still a chance to hear some other songs.. immediately after the gig we say goodbye to the crew and are going home, already exhausted and tired but with smile on our faces..

at the end all 3 bands were great that two days but I must repeat how I'm fascinated with La Casa Fantom, I won't say that they are the best band ever to me but definitely they are the most interesting band on the entire diy hc punk scene for sure.. don't know which genre they play, it can be hardcore, black metal, hc punk, neo crust, I don't care and that's also awesome that today when already everything has been played and then there is one such original and unique band, so much devoted to diy principles (btw all the amps, speakers, effects, etc. which they are using they fix or made by themselves and they succeed in making one monstrous sound system) and so simple and relaxed people.. just great..
I'm glad that I attend those two events, prove myself that I'm still not for the scrap metal and had some awesome time.. thanks goes to B on hospitality at his place and to L for the driving and sharing the same enthusiasm about punk as me.. until the next time, cheers!..

P.S.- pictures are stolen from LCF instagram page..